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Helping English Language Learners ELLs


Helping ELLs Quickly Develop Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency 


Fast ForWord was found to have potentially positive effects on English language development and no discernible effects on the reading achievement of elementary school English language learners.


Providing Adaptive, Personalized Exercises to Build English Fast

 ✔  English phonemic training
 ✔  Extensive academic vocabulary support, in Spanish and English
 ✔  English morphology, grammar, listening, and reading comprehension
 ✔  Patented speech verification technology that listens as students read aloud and provides corrective feedback when words are mispronounced



Fast ForWord research for English Language Learners



This nationwide sample of at-risk students who were English Language Learners significantly improved language comprehension, a skill critical for becoming a strong reader.

The group’s performance moved from below average to well within the average range after using the Fast ForWord Language learning software, showing significantly greater gains than those of the comparison group.





Ekamai International School

On average, after Fast ForWord participation, students showed significant improvement in their reading skills and academic achievement with improvements of 5 months to 1 year in Reading, Language, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Sources of Information, during the 4 months between assessments.  



Helping you ELLs students today with Fast ForWord

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