The Build English Fast solution consists of:


Step 1: Prepare the brain.

Sounds of the world’s languages differ greatly , e.g., English has 44 phonemes and Spanish has 21. By 6 months old, your student’s brains are wiring to sounds of a language other than English. Our software uniquely targets the phonemes of English to build the foundational skills required for all literacy. With brains “wired” for English, listening comprehension and all language development happens faster and easier.

Step 2: Practice English skills, intensively.

Using game-like technology designed by neuroscientists, your students complete 1000s of trials practicing grammar, academic vocabulary and listening comprehension skills needed for fast ELD improvement – more practice than is achieved by other interventions or teacher-directed work. Our exercises infinitely adapt to each student to keep them motivated, but challenged just enough.

Step 3: Read English aloud, with support.

Students need to apply their newly learned language fundamentals as they read texts aloud. Your students get nonjudgmental support form the only software that uses speech recognition technology to “listen” to their English pronunciation, decoding, etc., offering support just when they need it. It includes over 300 non-fiction and fictional reading selections across genres with embeded vocabulary support.

Why do ELLs struggle with reading?

Why do ELLs struggle with reading?


”Students with limited or no English speaker proficiency need instruction in recognizing and distinguishing the sounds of English as compared or contrasted with sounds in their native language.”

“Instruction for ELLs in oral language knowledge, skill, and abilities must be explicit, intensive, and extensive.”

“Oral proficiency in English (including oral vocabulary, grammar, and listening comprehension) is critical for ELLs to develop proficiency in text-level English reading comprehension.”

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Of ELLs improved 1+
proficiency levels
after using
Fast ForWord

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