About Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord® is a series of life-changing courses that improves foundational cognitive skills, targeting underlying lanugage and reading difficulties, and then improve reading fluency and comprehension for all students. After completing Fast ForWord® Training students can significantly improve their cognitive, language and literacy skills. Other benefits include:

Academic Achievement

including sounding out new words and spelling as well as attention span, writing, and math.

Clear English Language Communication

including oral fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, spontaneity, and ability to stay on topic.

Enhanced Reading Skills

including recollection of details and event sequence, ability to understand complex sentences, and confidence when reading aloud.

Better Listening and Understanding

including response time to questions, ability to follow the flow of conversation, and humor comprehension.

Stronger Memory

including better retention and recall of phone numbers, event sequences, and details.

Improved Self-esteem

including participation in classroom and group activities as well as enthusiasm about school.

*Available for home-use as well as school-wide implementations**

About Our Course

Scientific Learning courses are based on over 30 years of foundational Neurosciences research on how the brain learns. This research establishes the fact that boosting the brain’s processing efficiency accelerates quality learning. It’s called “brain plasticity” and among neuroscientists, it refers to the brain’s ability to change and develop at any age.

Fast ForWord courses use patented technologies that leverage the science and opportunity of brain plasticity. By exercising processing skills through intensive, adaptive activity, actual physical changes occur in the brain that improves abilities in language and reading. Fast ForWord™ courses trigger change in the brain and provide an optimal foundation in learning, reading success, and academic excellence.


Scientifically validated brain- based research

Many independent researches studies including Harvard and Stanford have shown that with recommended protocol use, Fast ForWord courses build the processing efficiency of the brain. Students are then able to achieve academic excellence. We have the largest research database in education to date, proving positive effects on a wide variety of student populations.


cognitive skills development lasts a lifetime

Each Fast ForWord™ course uses Neurosciences principles to produce a lasting effect on learning by developing and strengthening the essential cognitive skills we call “Learning MAPS”.

Memory is essential for word recognition, comprehension of complex sentences, and remembering instructions. Fast ForWord™ enhances working memory, short and long-term memory.

Attention is the ability to focus on information and tasks, and ignore distractions. Fast ForWord courses are scientifically designed to improve both attention and focus.

Processing Rate is the rate one is able to accurately process incoming information. In the context of reading, processing rate refers to how quickly one can distinguish speech sounds and identify letters and words to create meaning.

Sequencing is placing the detail of information in its accustomed order. In the context of reading, sequencing is the ability to determine the order of the letters within words or words within sentences


1 to 2 years gain in Language and Reading skills in 8 to 12 weeks

Proven to work: Scientific Learning develops courses that increase brain power – exercising areas of the brain to help students process more efficiently, the way physical workouts train the body to be more fit and strong. When students can process more effectively, all other learning activities get accomplished more efficiently, and the dedication of teachers and investment in other learning programs yields better results. Importantly, students are more motivated to learn and have better self- esteem.

Our program…

Gain significant amount of improvements in short time

Target underlying of learning difficulties, which will not be seen as symptoms

Have more than 3 million students in 44 countries around the globe

Build an English-processing Brain

Develop language and reading skills the natural way that brains learn, Fast ForWord® starts from crucial foundation which is accurately processing English sounds – phonemic awareness, then gradually takes students through higher reading skills: phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and critical thinking, respectively.

“Make gains FAST!”

“Improve 1-2 years of language and reading skills within only 2-3 months of training.”

Research Validated

Created form 30 years of research by world-renowned neuro-scientists (Dr. Michael Merzenich, Dr. Paula Tallal, Dr. Steven Miller, and Dr. William Jenkins), currently there are more than 250 research and field trials that validate the impact of Fast ForWord® on students of different needs.

Also proven as an effective language and reading development system by world-leading institutions:

Click here for more independent research studies, and here for foundational researches. More research results from scientific learning website can be found here.

Individualized learning

Using patented algorithms, Fast ForWord automatically adapts the intensity, difficulty and rewards within each exercises to suit each learner- in real time, creating a fun, engaging environment required to build new neural connections for improved processing, cognitive and reading skills to deeply change how a child reads and learns.

Improve efficiency of the brain

The creators of Fast ForWord® understand that an efficient brain is very good at processing language. They designed the software so that every student who trains regularly will improve in these foundational cognitive skills:


Short and long-term


Improve focus on text while reading

Processing Speed

Think faster

Sequencing Skills

Keep information in the correct order while processing

Fit Brain Learn Better!

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